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Sep 21st 2012

Comparison Essay Guide

The comparison essay (also known as the compare and contrast essay) is a basic academic essay that requires you to evaluate a subject by indicating and describing the differences and similarities between topics and ideas within that subject. Comparison essays are one of the easiest to construct, as for any given subject all you need to do is go from one point to the next examining the differences and similarities, and then coming to a conclusion. Read more
Sep 20th 2012

Types of Essays Guide

Doing well in your essay assignments means having a thorough understanding of all the different types of essays that exist, and this guide explains each type of essay to assist in your understanding and help you create the most suitable writing for each category. Read more
Sep 13th 2012

Personal Essay Guide

Personal essay writing is important for a number of different types of essays, including the college admissions essays and narrative essays written from your own viewpoint or in the first person. While it is uncommon for you to be given an assignment which is purely a personal essay, you still need to know how to write a personal essay, and have skill and experience in the personal essay format. Read on for in-depth personal essay tips and ideas for a personal essay to help you achieve the best marks you can get. Read more
Sep 12th 2012

College Essay Guide

Colleges like to know the students they are taking on-board each year, and the college admissions essay gives the all-important first impressions and gives the academic question a chance to gauge each candidate and single out what applications they are most interested in. If your essay is not very good, then this can have a significant impact on your acceptance, and thus college essay help should be sought out if you are not confident. Read more
Sep 11th 2012

Descriptive Essay Guide

Being able to describe effectively is important in writing, and especially important for writing a descriptive essay. Description is a natural part of life, but in terms of essay writing a descriptive essay many formal details which need to be understood. This guide looks at the details of the descriptive essay and explores descriptive essay ideas and how to write a descriptive essay, to help you understand what is expected of you and gain the best marks you can. Read more
Sep 10th 2012

Analytical Essay Guide

An analytical essay follows many of the same principles and constructs of other types of academic essay, though there are many key differences. The biggest difference is the depth of understanding you are expected in show in regards to the subject matter. This makes the analytical essay one of the most challenging types of essay, and you can read through this guide to help you meet this challenge and succeed. Read more
Sep 7th 2012

Narrative Essay

What makes a good narrative essay? The answer to this question is not always obvious, and many students find narrative essay writing a difficult task for this reason and many others. Just like other essay formalisms, narrative essays in any curricula will have a mark scheme, and when you read it you can gain some very good insights into what things you need to accomplish if you want your narrative essay to score highly. Read more
Sep 6th 2012

How to Write an Essay

One of the most common questions that students ask is how to write an essay. When there is a blank sheet of paper in front of you or a blank word processer page, even students who have experience in how to write an essay can find themselves stuck for words, asking themselves 'how do I write an essay?'. Read more
Sep 5th 2012

Persuasive Essay Guide

The persuasive essay is an important part of the academic assignments you will perform in school and college, so you should make sure your persuasive essays are of sufficient quality. This guide is here to help you understand what makes a good persuasive essay, the persuasive essay definition, and what you need to know. Read more
Planning and writing an argumentative essay requires a broad set of skills that you naturally learn and develop over the course of your academic life, and this type of academic essay will challenge these skills more than any other form of essay. An argumentative essay tests your ability to think logically, use reasoning and the power of deduction, and of-course, support and refute arguments accordingly. Read more